Train Disinfection


Train Disinfection 

We, Adams Medical, announce a plan in which we would like to be a key partner in helping everyone feel safer and more confident while riding public transportation. 

Adams Medical will be a central part of a layered approach to clean and disinfect subway trains, buses and crew facilities. 

The plan is ready to start right now and will continue to expand since it's proven successful.

In this time of great uncertainty, everyone needs to feel safe and have the confidence to venture back into normal life.

We are going to be extremely proud to be a part of your multi-layered approach to ensure their riders and passengers are entering a clean and safe environment.

We, Adams Medical, can rapidly disinfect any place of any size and at any time using high intensity broad-spectrum with our professional team.

It is our pleasure to work closely with you to fulfill your expectations and continually keep you informed.