AirPlane Disinfection


AirPlane Disinfection

We, Adams Medical, are aware of the risk of viruses and bacterias during the transportation and are fighting against it. 

In times of the Covid-19 major cleaning operations are in many cases no longer enough.

Adams Medical's professional team has a plan for the passenger planes and air freighters for being a key partner in helping everyone feel safer and more confident for the passenger planes and air freighters.

We are following the recommendations of the authorities closely and can rapidly disinfect any place of any size and at any time using high intensity broad-spectrum.

Main Application Areas

o Aircraft cabin interior surfaces
o Hepa, air filters and materials
o Airline uniform and all kinds of clothing/apparel products
o In-flight textile materials
o In-flight upholstery and carpets
o Toilets, all surfaces and all products used here 
o All surfaces contacted by the cabin crew
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