Vielen Dank an alle, die Sie tun, um unsere Gemeinschaften zu schützen 

Wir alle bei Adams Medical sind allen Mitarbeitern des Gesundheitswesens zutiefst dankbar, die unermüdlich daran arbeiten, die Sicherheit unserer Gemeinden zu gewährleisten.

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Quality Matter

Quality creates trust.
Our high qualities, globally employable and innovative disposable medical products, as well as our long-standing experience permit, targeted client orientation, and continued expansion of the product range. Thanks to our European Manufacturers and Suppliers we are able to meet your
requirements promptly and effectively.

3 Million Weekly Medical Mask Capacity

Adams LLC has a very strong manufacturer network across Europe and North America. We have a very high supply capacity of a minimum of 3 million every week we also provide an expandable amount of different medical products.

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Rapid Supply Chain

Getting things done is our motto! Adams Medical provides an end-to-end supply process in the promised terms. We offer faster, safer, cheaper delivery even in the days of the pandemic.

We speed up the processes with our established organization.

No extra costs, no excuse, no delays.

Disinfection Services
Deep Cleaning

Good hygiene is crucial to creating a safe and productive workplace for our customers and employees.

Our fast-acting disinfection formula can inactivate pathogens on surfaces within just 10 minutes, getting you back in business in as little as 30 minutes after treatment.

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