Train Disinfection


Train Disinfection 


In this time of uncertainty, everyone needs to feel safe and have confidence to venture back into normal life. Just like authorities indicate, regular cleaning is necessary but not enough to eliminate the risk of spread of Covid-19. This is why we are very determined to use the most advanced chemical technologies in disinfecting public transportation vehicles so that we help the communities bend the curve and passengers feels safer.

Hospital Grade, EPA-Registered Chemicals

Our professionally trained team uses water-based & eco-friendly BIOPROTECT disinfectant products which provides preservative antimicrobial coating on both porous and non-porous surfaces on transportation vehicles.

The Best Equipment for the Best Results

We not only believe in the power of science and technology, but also apply the techniques and use the best tools when we do our job – providing you & your customers strong protection against Covid-19.


We equipped our teams with the best smart electrostatic sprayers in the market. These best-in-technology sprayers utilize a principle to apply a positive charge to the fluid aerosol droplets as they are formed inside the system and immediately before the droplets are expelled from the spray nozzle. These “hyper-charged” droplets then actively seek out negative or neutral surfaces to cohere themselves to. Due to the electrostatic charge, these aerosols envelop the surface providing an even and consistent coverage on surfaces.